Mobile Robotics Division of Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
Schiller has over three decades of experience in intralogistics automation. The long-standing AMR expertise started in 2016 with the first autonomous pilot product. Since then, our specialists have successfully implemented various projects and delighted our customers with innovative solutions.

  • Autonomous Tugger Train Indoor & Outdoor
  • Autonomous Forklift
  • Autonomous Cobot

4am Robotics GmbH, a spin-off from Schiller and at the same time a merger with a Fraunhofer spin-off, has been operating as a specialist for autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for intralogistics within the SCIO Automation corporate group since 2023. Cross-product technology and software meet a heterogeneous portfolio that automates the flow of goods flexibly, safely and always available from end to end and reduces complexity. In this way, solutions ranging from autonomous tugger trains to mobile cobots to autonomous forklifts can be automated and implemented within a very short time.