Schiller’s Radial Stocker provides a storage system that’s both efficient and space-saving for various box types under cleanroom conditions of ISO class 3 to 4.

Manual stocking and removal by the operator, as well as automated transfer and retrieval by OHT or conveyor systems are possible with the Radial Stocker. The footprint of only 1800 mm x 1800 mm is achieved with the compact arrangement of the robot axes for a very high packing density.

Control of the Radial Stocker takes place with a SIEMENS PLC in combination with the SWarePro warehouse management system from Schiller. Various statistics and tracking functions and inventory runs offer complete monitoring of the inventory.


  • Storage of different transport containers (Box HA200, OC)
  • Fulfils ISO class 3 or 4 cleanroom class
  • Storage and retrieval to external conveyor technology
  • Manual and automatic I/O ports available
  • SEMI-E88 MCS interface
  • SEMI-E84 transfer interface

Technical data

  • Average cycle time 28 - 32 sec.
  • 11 storage spaces per lane
  • High: variable between 7 and 12 lanes (2,8 m - 4,0 m)
  • Outside dimensions: 1,8 m x 1,8 m base area
  • All robotic axes are delivered with absolute value encoders combined with Faulhaber MC controllers
  • Desktop-PC, Win10, 17‘‘ Panel
  • PROGEA MOVICON high-end visualisation



  • Remote access: Web front-end including user administration
  • Data tracking: Material tracking, system counter visualisation
  • SECS interface: SEMI E88-conformant interface, expandable upon request by the customer
  • Interfaces:
    • Web frontend via http Port 80
    • SECS/GEM Ethernet interface
    • Ethernet interface to the PLC systems
Special features
  • Inventory function
  • Optional 3D inventory visualisation

Warehouse management system

Schiller SWarePro