The Schiller Max Stocker opens fully new dimensions in particle-reduced warehouse storage in the cleanroom. The double-sided, double-depth storage of FOUP/FOSB or OC containers enables stockers featuring capacities in excess of 1,200 storage spaces to be implemented.

Boxes are stored according to cleanroom class ISO-5.

Along the X-axis of the Stocker, two rack control devices may be operated simultaneously and accessed via displacement movements redundantly at docking stations, rotary gates, sorters, shuttles, or OHT connections.


  • Storage of different transport containers (FOUP, FOSB)
  • Fulfils ISO class 5 cleanroom class
  • IO-ports:
    • Manual I/O ports (rotary gate)
    • Automatic I/O ports (OHT connection)
    • Connection to equipment possible
    • Dockingstation for transport trolley / cart
  • SEMI-E88 MCS interface
  • SEMI-E84 transfer interface

Technical data

  • Medium cycle time: 20 - 25 sec.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 6,1 m
    • Width: 2,75 m
    • Length: Max 47 m



  • Remote access: Web front-end including user administration
  • Data tracking: Material tracking, system counter visualisation
  • SECS interface: SEMI E88-conformant interface, expandable upon request by the customer
  • Interfaces:
    • Web frontend via http Port 80
    • SECS/GEM Ethernet interface
    • Ethernet interface to the PLC systems
Special features
  • Inventory function
  • Optional 3D inventory visualisation

Warehouse management system

Schiller SWarePro