Products and Solutions

Depending on the requirements of your project, we combine the following products and components to create a seamlessly functioning overall system:

  • Conveyor technology for seamless flow of materials
  • Logistics/storage technology - energy-efficient storage solutions, planning, new construction or renovation
  • Cleanroom technology - storage and transport systems suitable for cleanrooms
  • Robot cells for handling and processing
  • Assembly lines/assembly systems - optimise your production
  • Quality data recording and data processing - IT Solutions




Automation technology

From replacement of controls to complete assembly lines, Schiller has ideas ready for you to support, streamline, and improve your production with automatic processes.

Upon request, we can also deliver complete solutions featuring the corresponding logistics connection and even automatic high-bay warehouse systems.

Our core expertise

  • Control technology
  • Automation for conveyor technology
  • Robot programming
  • Control engineering
  • Industrial assembly
  • Simulation

Logistics – productivity on-call

Automatic tugger train
Automatic tugger train

Autonomous tugger train solution

The future starts now with digitisation and automation of your logistics tasks and the driverless tugger train solution from Schiller.

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AMC-UR10 - Autonomer mobiler Roboter mit UR10


Space-saving and flexible - Autonomous mobile robot with UR10.

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The warehouse is the administrator and provider of your added value product and therefore forms the crux of your business success.

Warehouse controls involve the behaviour of the warehouse spaces and the upstream and downstream processes.

Schiller is the right partner for your warehouse project, both fore new construction and renovation of an existing warehouse. Profit from our many years of experience – from planning and production to assembly and commissioning.

Our services:

  • General contracting
  • Control technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Warehouse management system

Complex, partially database-supported processes need to be used efficiently and coordinated with each other:
depositing, accepting, accelerating, fine positioning, identifying, transferring, processing, delaying

Cleanroom - Schiller sets standards in cleanroom technology

Schiller is the technical specialist for effective cleanroom technology intra-logistics and particle-reduced warehouse storage.

Based on numerous years of experience, thorough knowledge of the industry and results-based innovative power, we create pioneering solutions with maximum customer benefit and high degree of operating reliability. This applies especially when the implementation of a unique, project-specific profile of requirements is involved.


Warehouse systems

  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Customer-specific grippers and racks (maximum packaging with double depth)
  • Special solutions for wafer packaging (N2 purging)

Cleanroom warehouse technology

Radial Stocker

The Schiller Radial Stocker provides a storage system that’s both efficient and space-saving.

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Linear Stocker

The Schiller Linear Stocker is the scalable and reliable decentralised storage system in a cleanroom.

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Max Stocker

The Schiller Max Stocker opens fully new dimensions in particle-reduced warehouse storage in the cleanroom.

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Transfer stations

  • Manual, partially automated, and fully automated solutions
  • FOUP handling: Docking station, transfer to sorter and load ports

Transport systems

  • Soover®: Overhead conveyor system with passive transport route and cleanroom-optimised lowering shuttle
  • Lift stations across multiple stories
  • Conveyor systems up to ISO class 3

Cleanroom Transport System Soover®

Cleanroom Conveyor

Linear Hoist System

The Schiller Linear Hoist System enables automated supply of production or measuring equipment between the individual bays of a factory. In combination with the Schiller Cleanroom Transport System, trays can be supplied 24/7 with the Linear Hoist Equipment without intervention of the operator.

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Software and quality assurance

  • Control and monitoring systems, warehouse management/databases, visualisation
  • Remote maintenance, diagnostics, and reporting
  • Flexible interface design and support for numerous protocols (e.g. SECS/GEM)

Cleanroom classes

Schiller currently offers cleanroom solutions/systems up to ISO class 3.