Linear Hoist

The Schiller Linear Hoist System enables automated supply of production or measuring equipment between the individual bays of a factory. In combination with the Schiller Cleanroom Transport System, trays can be supplied 24/7 with the Linear Hoist Equipment without intervention of the operator.

The power and data transmission to the grabber takes place via the grab rope without drag chains. With the high repeat accuracy of the Linear Hoist, load ports on the equipment or Cinematic Coupling pins on the Schiller Cleanroom Transport System can be run reliably with absolute reproducibility.


  • Transport of different containers
    (FOUP or FOSB with top flange, 200mm/300mm cassettes)
  • Fulfils ISO class 3 cleanroom class
  • SEMI-E153 MCS interface
  • SEMI-E84 transfer interface

Technical data

  • Speed:
    - x-axis: 2m/s
    - y-axis: 1m/s
    - z-axis: 1m/s
  • Grabber:
    - Active grabber for boxes with top flange
    - Lateral clamping (form fit)
    - Top flange rotary gripper


  • fast delivery of the containers to equipment
  • non-railbound like shuttle systems
  • Integration of a ceiling-mounted warehouse possible

Control system

Schiller SHostPro